Saturday, April 30, 2016

April 26, Georgetown to Lee Stocking Island, Exumas

We decided to move north through the Exumas over the next couple weeks.  Then we would have to go to a town on Eleuthera to extend my immigration by May 10.  We are also considering taking our boat to a boatyard in Spanish Wells, Eleuthera to have the bottom repainted.  In the Bahamas, we can use a paint that we can no longer buy in the United States.  It will last longer.  And we would have to clean the bottom less often because it is harder for sea life to attach to it.  The bottom usually has to be painted about every 2 years.  It is also something we could do ourselves, if we are at a marina/boatyard that allows that.  Then we could buy the paint here and use it in the US.  So we are checking into our options.  Plus we need to have the shaft log repaired or replaced.  That may or may not be done here.  We have to take the boat out of the water for each project.  So it would be cheaper to haul it out just once. 

We sailed to Lee Stocking Island and arrived 2:30.  It was crazy to look at the chart and see that we were in about 2000 ft of water, but we could still see the shore.  We had great plans to go for a hike and then a swim.  But it started raining shortly after we anchored and continued through out the evening. 

I was able to connect with my friend Cheryl, who we had rescued from one boat, was crew for about 10 days, and moved onto another boat.  They are in the Exumas and heading to Georgetown.  So we picked an anchorage to meet at tomorrow as we head north.  We are looking forward to meeting the captain of the catamaran she is on, Ed, and seeing her again.

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