Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April 2, 2016 Hidden Treasure fish shack in New Bight, Cat Island, Bahamas

Today we moved the boat to New Bight on Cat Island.  It is in the same bay.  But New Bight is further north and better protected with north winds.  We were expecting the winds to change today or tonight.  Plus there is a Catholic Church in New Bight for me to attend on Sunday. 
view from our boat of the Hermitage on top of the highest peak in the Bahamas, 206 ft

After anchoring, we went to shore to take in our garbage and get fuel in our jerry cans, one 2.5 gallon gasoline and 3 5 gallon diesel.  There isn’t a dinghy dock, so we had to beach our dinghy.  Our dinghy has an aluminum bottom and the 15hp Mercury outboard weighs about 120 lbs.  We also have a 6 gallon gasoline tank that weighs about 40 lb.  Needless to say, the dinghy is heavy.  We pulled it up on the beach a ways, but barely out of the water. 

I took care of the garbage at the City Administration building while Dave secured the boat on shore with an anchor.  Then we walked to the nearest gas station.  They didn’t have diesel, so we only bought about 2 gallons of gasoline.  And it was a good thing, because his gas was about $6.50 per gallon!  There was a small convenience store attached to his garage, so we picked up 2 dozen eggs, 2 sodas and 2 small bags of chips.
typical road in New Bight

I asked if they knew where the catholic church was.  They walked out on the road with me and pointed me in the right direction with instructions.  I wanted to see what time mass was in the morning.  He didn’t know, but a teenager there told me it was at 10:00.  I usually check this out for myself, but he seemed pretty confident. 

We walked back to our dingy along the shore and found a spot for a little picnic in the shade with our sodas and chips.  We took our jerry cans back to the boat and did a few little projects. 
the view of our boat from our picnic

By evening, we decided to go to shore to eat at one of the “fish shacks” along the beach.  We had read in Active Captain about one called Hidden Treasure.  There were about 4 places open that had “take away” food.  They had a couple outside tables.  And one looked like it was a liquor store.  There were a lot of local people hanging out on the street side of the fish shacks.  We found Hidden Treasures.  They actually had an area on the beach with tables and a couple on the street side.  We ordered at their little bar area and chose a table to sit at on the street side, too many bugs in the sand.  Plus we got to “people watch”.  Dave ordered the jerk chicken with potato wedges.  I ordered the grilled lobster with a green salad.  But first I questioned them on how they prepare the lobster.  I have had grilled lobster and it was over cooked until it was rubbery.  They assured me that it would be tender and not overcooked.  And they were right.  it was delicious.  It was the best grilled lobster I have ever had.  It was served on the shell of the tail with an herb butter over it.  PERFECT!  The only thing close that I have had is fresh lobster in Maine.  And Dave really liked the jerk sauce.  It wasn’t just a powdered seasoning, it was homemade and more like a BBQ sauce as far as coating the chicken.  Trevor, the chef, even made it extra spicy for Dave.  Now Dave wants to try to make his own. 

the row of "fish shacks"
Hidden Treasure restaurant "fish shack"

Trevor and Denise own the restaurant.  But their daughters Trenice and Denae were also helping.  And Denise’s mother, Marina, hangs out and talks to customers.  She sat with us while we were waiting for our food and told us stories.  She worked as a house cleaner in Nassau for 54 years for the Brady family, as in the Secretary of State for President Bush.  She worked for his parents before him.  They would live in Nassau from November to April. 
Trevor had been a chef in Nassau.  He told us he was a private chef for Pierce Brosnan while he was filming a movie here.  Very nice family to visit with and excellent food.  We would highly recommend it to anyone in the area.

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