Monday, April 25, 2016

April 16, 2016 Boat Chores Day

We were all moving a little slow today after all of our adventures yesterday.  Ok, the extended happy hour didn’t help.  We ended up doing some laundry and cleaning up the boat.   We didn’t even do any snorkeling or fishing.  Joe and Erin are loving all the experiences of living aboard a boat.   They were great at pitching in and didn’t feel like we had to be tourists every day.  Good friends!

We were enjoying the sunset in the cockpit and could see a lot of activity on the water off shore.  There was a lot of splashing on the surface and birds diving.  So we figured there was a school of fish near the surface.  It stared to move closer to the boat.  So Joe tried casting for awhile.  Then Dave, Joe and Erin took off in the dingy to try to catch fish, but no luck.  Just fun to chase around in the dingy. 

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