Monday, April 25, 2016

April 13, 2016 passage to Long Island from Georgetown

This morning we left for Long Island about 9:30.  We left through the southern exit to Elizabeth harbor that we hadn’t done before.  We had to work our way through a lot of rocks and coral heads.  Once out on the ocean, we were able to sail most of the way.  We caught a couple barracuda as we crossed the Exuma Sound.  At times we were in water over 3000 ft deep.  Hang in there shaft. 

Erin bringing in a fish

a baby "barry" to toss back

We anchored in Calabash Bay at the northern end of Long Island.  This beach is rated one of the top 10 beaches in the Bahamas.  It was a nice sandy beach, but there was a resort and some homes on the beach.  To us, the best beaches are the deserted beaches. 

After a passage, Dave likes to just unwind in the cockpit in the breeze.  So Erin, Joe and I took our snorkel gear and the dinghy to explore the area.  We anchored the dinghy off of St Peter’s Point, but in view of the boat.  Then we snorkeled from the dinghy.  There were small areas of coral and small fish.  Joe and Erin haven’t done a lot of snorkeling, so they were fascinated by everything.  Erin was having trouble with her mask leaking and decided to sit on the beach for a while.  Joe and I went further out on the point and saw several squid and larger fish.  I only saw 4 squid, but Joe thought he saw about a dozen.  We also saw a variety of tropical fish, sea urchins, crab and one barracuda.  It was fun to just explore.

I talked everyone into playing a game of triominos.  If I remember right, Erin came from behind and beat us all. 
I don't think they believed my version of the rules or that my triple 5 was real

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