Monday, April 25, 2016

April 11, 2016 Georgetown provisioning

It was pretty windy today, so we decided not to leave Georgetown.  The guy on the boat ahead of us, anchored too close, started sanding on his boat today.  Since our boats always point into the wind, his sanding dust was coming directly at our boat.  So……we decided to move back to the west side of the harbor.  And he was not over the top of our anchor, but still too close for our comfort.  We were close enough for Dave to exchange a few choice words with him.   

This afternoon, Dave, Joe and Erin went into Georgetown for provisions.  With this wind, it would be slow going with four of us in the boat and with provisions.  We had them pick up some basics that we will use while they are here.  For other cruisers, this is what we have come up with.  Our provisions are figured on what we will need for the duration of our stay in the Bahamas.  And we will probably have to supplement some of those towards the end of our stay.  So we decided we will ask guests to pick up toilet paper and paper towels, meat or fish for a couple main courses, coffee, eggs, milk, fresh fruit or vegetables, snacks and beverages of their choice.  We can fill in the blanks with the sides and a few main courses, snacks, some beverages and condiments.  So it seems to equal out. 

Joe is a great cook, so he taught us another great pasta recipe that we can make on our boat.  This is part of the “Tin Can Galley” that we want guests to participate in.  We like to find new recipes with ingredients we have on our boat.  Tonight we made aglio e olio, which is a standard at their house.  It is made with pasta, olive oil, garlic, crushed red pepper, parsley (fresh or dried), parmesan cheese and lemon.  It was great.  I watched his technique of cooking 2/3 of the garlic and adding 1/3 right before or as you toss it with the pasta.  They give you different flavors.  Something I had never thought about.  Fun night.

We enjoyed the sunset in the harbor.  We threw out a crab cage, since Joe had seen one under our boat yesterday.  But we didn't catch anything.  Something DID take the bait without getting caught in the trap.  Sneaky Bahamian crabs. 

barracuda under our boat

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