Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April 1, 2016 cleaning hull with Airline Hookah

Dave usually gets up early to listen to Chris Parker’s weather on the single side band radio.  He is looking ahead for a good weather window to sail to Georgetown, in the Exumas.  It will be about a 50nm trip to the entrance of the harbor. 

We decided to spend one more day at this anchorage because of the south winds.  So we had another laundry day. 

We also cleaned the hull of the boat.  We have an Airline air compressor “hookah” that runs with our generator.  Today we tried it with the Honda Generator.  The Honda runs off of gas, so we had to position it away from the air intake of the compressor so we wouldn’t breathe in gas exhaust.  We ran it for 3 hours and didn’t run out of gas.  That’s good to know.  We have two hoses, but we only used one today for Dave.  I used my mask and snorkel and cleaned what could be reached at the surface.  Dave was in for 3 hours and I was in for about 1 1/2 hours.  When we were in Lake Worth in January, Dave coated our prop with Lanocoat to see if it would keep sea life from growing on it, and it worked!  And he found the metal clothes pin that went overboard yesterday. 

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