Thursday, March 10, 2016

March 4-9, 2016 Mary's South Dakota visit

I had a new experience last night.  I woke up during the night confused as to where I was.  Something in the room made me think I was still on the boat.  But I still tried to figure out where the boat was located.  I thought to myself “well we must be tied up at a dock, because the boat isn’t rocking.”  I guess the rocking of the boat is the norm for me now. 

Today I was able to make some phone calls that I couldn’t make from the Bahamas.  Then we did some shopping.  I also had the opportunity to visit with a friend of mine and with my niece and her 2 children who all live in the area. 

Friday night, Janice and I decided to have a night out.  There was a Harley Davidson event this weekend in Aberdeen to promote the Sturgis motor cycle rally.  Janice and Jim have their own Harley’s and they have heard a band in Sturgis called Judd Hoos.  Well this band was performing at this event and the lead singer was retiring after tonight.  So we met a couple of her friends there and pretended to be 25 again.  Lucky for us the music started at 7:00.  

Today, my sister Janice had a couple previous engagements.  So I borrowed her car and drove 90 miles to Miller for the day to see some of my high school girlfriends.  My cousin Joe, who lost his mother, is married to one of my high school girlfriends, Gail.   Four of my girlfriends met at Gail’s home. 

All of us are turning 60 this year.  Of course, I was the first one and they all wondered how it was and what to expect :)  Well before we left that day, we booked tickets to a Jimmy Buffett concert in Omaha, Nebraska as a way to celebrate our birthdays together on September 1, 2016.  I’m not sure where I will be and how I will get there, but I’ll make it somehow. 
grade school friends Gail Zeller, Sheryl Bedard, Wayne Ruhnke, Me, Lori Schneller

Janice and I headed back to Aberdeen today.  All of my siblings met there today.  It was beautiful in Miller.  I think it was in the mid 70’s.

We had a wonderful evening with the viewing of Aunt Dorothy, the rosary, and prayer service.  Several people shared stories about Dorothy and we all celebrated the life of this wonderful woman who lived to be 100.  We also had to share a few beers at Joe’s that evening.

What can I say about today?  I guess I just want to share that I have such a wonderful family.  And I was blessed to have the family of Dorothy and Melvin Zeller so close all of my life.  It sometimes feels as though the two families were somehow one family.
My aunt Julie Bowar with cousins Jim Zeller and Carol Connor
My awesome family-Bev, Don, Mary, Jerry, Janice

I returned to Aberdeen today with my sister, Beverly.  She drove here from Oklahoma and decided to stay a couple days longer until I leave on Thursday.  She and I stopped in Cresbard, SD on our way to Aberdeen to visit another friend of ours.  
more friends Tracy Perdue of Rapid City, Bev, Me and July-Tracy's mom of Cresbard

Back at Janice and Jim’s, Jim grilled steaks for us.  Living on a sailboat, I really miss good South Dakota beef.  So it is becoming a tradition to have steaks at their home.  Jim cleared out after dinner and let the sisters play Triominos and discuss life.  

I spent the morning tying up loose ends with tax documents.  Then Janice, Bev and I joined our great nephew, Garrett at church at noon.  He goes to a Catholic grade school and they have mass on Wednesdays.  After that, I treated myself to a massage.  Janice and Bev picked up Garrett and Claire from school, then me, then Jim back in Bath, SD. 

Then we all went out to Garrett and Claire’s for dinner.  Our niece Heidi and husband Glen live on a farm north of Aberdeen.  We brought dinner.  Janice made lasagna and a chocolate pecan bourbon pie.  We also brought salad and garlic bread.  She can really provide a feast.  It was another fun night with family.

Then back to Janice’s to finish packing and visit just a little longer.  She also let me do laundry so I wouldn’t have to wash clothes by hand back in the Bahamas.  She and Jim really take care of me when I return.  I can’t thank them enough.   Have I said how much I love my family?

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