Wednesday, March 9, 2016

March 3, 2016 flights from Marsh Harbor to Aberdeen, SD

Rise and shine at 5:00am.  I had a 7:25am flight to Nassau.  Rinssor the taxi driver said a 6:20 pick up would be fine since this one wasn’t the International flight.   We had a beautiful sunrise on our way to shore.  When we arrived at the dock, there were about 100 people waiting for the 6:30 ferry to Great Guana Cay.  Rinssor said they were all workers at Baker’s Bay Marina and resort, a private resort on the north end of that island.

Rinssor was right.  I had plenty of time at the airport in Marsh Harbor.  I had a time travel experience on the airplane.  It seemed so strange to go to Nassau in 30 minutes when it would have taken us 2 days by boat.  And it seemed strange to see the islands from the air and how they matched the maps I have been staring at for a couple years. I have been here a total of 4 months between last year and this year, but always by boat, not air. 

My direct flight to Minneapolis wasn’t until 3:15!  I checked into changing to an earlier flight.  This direct flight is the only one today.  If I changed to a route with a connecting flight that left earlier, I would have to pay the $200 fee.  So I found an electrical connection and wifi and settled in for the day. 

No problem with connecting in Mpls to Aberdeen, SD.  And my sister, Janice was waiting for me when I arrived.  Felt good to touch ground in SD.

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