Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Ferbruary 28, 2016 Matt Lowe Cay

I made arrangements with Rinssor to pick me up for church this morning.  I was the only dinghy at the dingy dock at 8:45am on a Sunday.  I always enjoy mass in Marsh Harbor.  The women that were readers or helped with the collection and communion were all dressed in white.  And the entire church sings their hearts out.  There were about 60 people there, which almost fills the church.

We wanted to move the boat today out of Marsh Harbor to make water again.  The wind was from the east, so the water would be coming towards our boat from the marinas, not as clean.  So about noon, we moved to the west side of Matt Lowe Cay.  The island helped block the wind. 

After starting the generator and water maker, we had lunch in this beautiful setting.  We grilled 2 wahoo steaks today.  That is some mighty fine fish.  While the generator was running, I did some things on the computer.  Dave on the other hand, was out on the stern swim platform cutting his hair and shaving his beard.  He moved the dinghy to the side of our boat so it wouldn’t get filled with hair.  He asked me to do the final touches.  Then he showered off on the swim platform.  That was a pretty slick way of cleaning up, just hose down the deck. 

What a peaceful Sunday!

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