Thursday, March 3, 2016

February 19, 2016 Dean's arrival

I decided to go to an internet cafe this morning to spend some time updating my blog.  There is one about a block from the dinghy dock.  I was there up until noon when Dave picked me up at the dock.  Then we went over to the Conch Inn/Curly Tails restaurant to meet Dean.  It is probably the prettiest property in the harbor area. 

Dean arrived on time today.  And Rinssor picked him up at the airport.  He arrived hungry, so we stayed and had lunch at Curly Tails.  After lunch, we walked down the street a ways to buy fresh made conch salad from George.  We took 2 pints back to the boat with us.

We helped Dean get settled into his cabin.  He brought out gifts for us, an assortment of small gadgets.  Then we took empty back packs and hiked to to Maxwell’s grocery store.  There were just a few perishable items we needed to pick up.  We also stopped at a liquor store on the way back to pick up a few local beers.

Earlier today, after the cruiser’s net, we had talked to a couple boats on the VHF radio about their used charts for the Far Bahamas.  Dave picked up one this morning.  The people were from Canada and didn’t want anything for them.  They said we could buy them a beer at Happy Hour at Snappa’s tonight.  Dave thinks beers are considered currency in Canada, because he has heard that several times. 

On the way back to the boat after grocery shopping, we stopped at another boat and bought a brand new Explorer chart from them.  They had just purchased their charts, but had to return home for some reason.

After storing our groceries, we headed over to Snappa’s.  We thought we would join the Canadian couple and his sister, who arrived today, too.  But there ended up being a long table of people that were new acquaintances. There were probably a dozen people.  Dave was at one end, I was at the other, and Dean ended up in the middle.  Cruisers make friends easily and we had an enjoyable evening. 

We headed back to the boat and had chicken souse again.  Plus we had the conch salad.  The lime was the theme for the evening.
Rinssor said he had delivered the Prodigal Son

first rum punch of the week

we had to pick up conch salad from George.  But we think we can make it just as good now IF we can find the conch

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