Thursday, March 3, 2016

February 18, 2016 Bow eye for dingy

Last minute cleaning before company.  Doesn’t change when you live on a boat.  I got up early to start the last load of laundry, our towels. 

Dave made chicken souse for the first time.  He used chicken wings and marinated them in lime juice overnight.  We thought that would be a fun local dish to share with his brother when he arrived today.  It is similar to chicken soup but the broth has vinegar and lime in it.

We decided to air out our comforter before storing it again.  Dave hung it out on our lines for the laundry.  He used a combination of the metal clips and the plastic rings.  I was inside cooking breakfast when I heard him yell “emergeny! clothes line clips overboard!”.  They cost about a dollar a piece and are hard to find over here.  So he quickly lowered the dinghy in the water from the davits and went after them.  He had me keep an eye on them, just like Man Overboard.  3 had fallen in.  But I found 6 on the deck.  I guess the comforter is too thick for those clips.  I took down the comforter and called it good. 

We cleaned the heads and floors then headed to shore to meet Dean.  We arranged to meet him at Curly Tails, a restaurant on the second floor at the Conch Inn.  There is a great view of the harbor from there.  While we were waiting, we used their wifi.  That’s when I saw the e-mail from Dean that he missed his flight out of Mpls and wouldn’t be here until tomorrow.  So I texted Rinssor at the airport to let him know and apologized. 

We headed back to the boat, picked up our garbage and went to town.  We stopped at a few stores for parts for more projects.  Then we went back to the boat.

Dave worked on adding a new bow eye to our dinghy.  The old one was an aluminum bow eye that was welded onto the hull.  The shackle holding the painter was wearing through the bow eye.  It was further weakened in the heavy winds last week.  This shackle is horse U shaped with a pin going through the open ends.  The painter is the line that ties the dinghy to our boat or a dock.  He placed the new one higher out of the water.  He had to drill on the outside of the dinghy on the triangular bow plate.  He used the backing plate as a template for drilling the holes.   Then he assembled the new bow eye with the bolts, front plate, backing plate and nuts.  He had to tighten the bolts form the inside and outside which sandwiched it in place.  He used Tefgel to protect the threads from galling, which locks them in place when you don’t want them to.  He used Lanocoat on the plates to protect them from the salt water.  And Butylrubber to seal everything in place.  AND I handed him a couple tools. 

We planned to have the chicken souse for Dean’s welcome dinner.  But we started on it without him.  Dave did a pretty good job.  And my homemade bread was perfect with it. 

It was strange having a day with nothing planned.  But we know how to kick back and relax when we have to.  

new bow eye will go on flat triangular section. old one is below with rope tied to it

new bow eye in place

better angle to show both bow eyes

crazy gyrations to work on the dinghy

tightening bolts from the inside

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