Saturday, February 6, 2016

January 27, 2016 testing Honda generator running water maker

Today we moved the boat outside of the harbor at Marsh Harbor.  We wanted to make water and the water in the harbor isn’t the best.  We could do it, but our filters wouldn’t last as long. 

We motored just to the north side of the peninsula that forms the harbor and anchored.  We wanted to try to run the water maker off of the Honda generator.  Our forward water tank holds 90 gallons.  We can make about 30 gallons and hour.  So if we need to fill that tank, it takes about 3 hours.  We weren’t sure how long the Honda generator would run on the gallon of gasoline that fuels it.  And we didn’t want the generator to stop in the middle of the process and damage the water maker pumps.  So we only ran it about 1.5 hours.  Great to know that it will work if we need it. 

If we have our regular generator running for the water maker, we turn on the AC outlets and charge everything.  But with the Honda generator, we stayed with only running the water maker to not overload it. 

The cord that came with the Honda generator is short.  It had to sit on the seat in the cockpit.  That had the exhaust pointed towards our companionway.  We don’t want the gasoline exhaust coming into our boat.  They crawl to the lowest spot in the boat, our bilge.  So we decided we needed a longer cord.  We had one in the galley that we use for our coffee maker when we have shore power.  We don’t use it at anchor.  We use a French Press for coffee.  It looks like it should work.  The cord had 3 female outlets, so we wanted to buy two electrical plugs to protect the two we weren’t using from moisture.

We continued our Harry Potter marathon tonight with popcorn made with oil on the stovetop, not microwave (takes too much power).  Brought back memories of my childhood where we had popcorn regularly. 

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