Friday, February 19, 2016

February 8, 2016 Good bye and Westview cottage

I spent the night in the cottage again with Bev and Kaye.  We were up early for them to catch the 8:00 ferry to Marsh Harbor and their plane home.  Dave came in early to pick me up so he could say good-bye, too.   We really enjoyed spending time with them along with my brother and sister in law, Don and Linda.
sunrise at Wyannie's Landing
upper deck was Bev's room
sunrise coffee
sad faces before Kaye and Bev leave
"leaving on a ferry, don't know when I'll be back again"

We headed back to the boat and spent the day regrouping.  Dave did 3 buckets of laundry and I defrosted the freezer.  Then we dinghied to shore to have dinner with the Doerr’s in their cottage.  Harold met us at the Hopetown Inn and Marina.  Then we walked through their property to where he had parked a golf cart.  We climbed aboard and he drove us down a rugged dirt road through the dense trees to the west side of the island.  Then we walked down rough stairs and over to their cottage on the water.  It was split on two levels.  The living room/kitchen/dining area was in one room.  Then you went up an open S shaped stairwell to their bedroom and bathroom.  They had a hot tub outside their bedroom.  They had a nice deck outside overlooking the Sea of Abaco.  And of course, you can see our boat anchored off shore there.  They had a dock that we could have tied our dinghy to.  But with the wind today, we thought it might be too rough, especially leaving in the dark. 

Harold and Juli were exploring the town today and found Vernon’s grocery store.  They found fillets of snapper in a ziplock bag in the freezer that weren’t even frozen yet.  They asked Vernon about them and found out a fisherman had just brought them in.  Now that’s fresh!  They weren’t sure there was enough for 4 people, so they also picked up a package of brats, fresh baked bread, and conch salad.  I had kale and arugula left over from the farmer’s market.  They had onion and peppers to throw into the salad.  AND they bought one of Vernon’s fresh made key lime pies with meringue topping.  They had to carry it back to their cottage with the lid open, it was still that warm. Top all that off with a variety of adult beverages and it was a fantastic dinner.  And we had a gorgeous sunset for their first night there.  Last night they were at our cabin watching the football game. 
Our boat is in the background.  this is why I usually wear a hat
Juli and Mary on the deck of Westview cottage

Here’s some interesting trivia about their cottage.  It is built on the site of an old quarry.  The rock from this site was used to build the base of the Elbow Cay lighthouse. 
Harold by quarry wall and hot tub
from Doerr's cottage

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