Sunday, February 7, 2016

February 3, 2016 Elbow Cay exploration

sunrise with light house
This morning, we all met about 10:00 at the dock to pick up our rental cart for a tour of the island.  We haven’t been on the southern part of the island.  We did go to one marina by dinghy last year, at to the beach at the southern end by dinghy.  We were looking forward to this tour, too.  We loaded up a 12 pack of beer and hit the road on the LEFT side.  Don was our driver and we all helped remind him to stay on the left, especially after making a turn.
our chariot for the day
our map

We stopped at 3 different resorts to check them out.  They each had a restaurant and a gift shop.  We stopped at the Food Store along the way just to check it out.  It was stocked much nicer than the grocery stores in town.  There are lots of condos on this end of the island, so they must request that certain things be stocked.  Before we left, I asked a local man sitting outside if we could access this store by boat.  He explained to me where there was a dock that we could dinghy to in While Sound.  He said if was walked to the store for groceries, they would give us a ride back to the dock.  That was good to know.  We checked out the dock for future reference and think we might just do that. 

view at Abaco Inn

Then we headed to Tahiti beach.  We had asked for directions in one of the gift shops.  They said we would come to a sign saying Private, but continue through that property.  We found a parking lot at the end of the road and walked along the shore to the beach.  There is a cool sand bar that extends quite a ways that is fun to walk.  We saw a huge starfish, a live conch and mangrove jelly fish.  But we didn’t see any sand dollars or sea biscuits, which this area is known for.  There were a couple people kite boarding.  Everyone thought this place was beautiful, too.  As we were leaving, we saw the MN dentist group.  They had ridden bicycles to the beach. 

starfish at Tahiti beach

back side, she's holding up her shorts, not her crotch
A couple people had told us that the best place to eat was at On Da Beach.  We found it, but it was on the ocean side and pretty windy to sit outside and eat.  So we back tracked to Fireflies resort for lunch.  We sat outside, but it was on the side facing the Sea of Abaco.  When we stopped earlier, we could see a sailboat race in progress out on the sea. 

cool walk way to the restaurant
Bev, Linda and Don at Fireflies restaurant

After our late lunch we headed back to town by 4:00.  That was the island, so we turned in our cart instead of keeping it until the next morning at 10:00.  Dave went to the cottage to use their free wifi.  The rest of us checked out the half dozen shops in town.  Then we headed
back to the boat to get everything ready for a day at sea tomorrow. 
had to make them pose with this sign

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