Friday, February 19, 2016

February 14, 2016 Marsh Harbor good-bye and reprovisioning, Bahamas

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!
We arranged for the taxi to pick up Harold and Juli about 10:30 for their flight home.  That gave us plenty of time to enjoy breakfast and find all their loose ends to pack.  Juli even packed a conch shell and some shells for their grandson.  She found out from a local that you are allowed to take 2 conch shells home with you from the Bahamas. 

We made two trips to shore with people and luggage.  Dave and Harold went first with most of the luggage.  Then Dave came back for me and Juli and her backpack.  At the shore, Juli tossed a flower into the water for good luck that they will return.  I heard that from another person a couple weeks ago.  Rinssor had arranged for another taxi driver to pick them up.  Good bye’s are much harder on everyone else than they are on us.  They are going back to the real world. 

We returned to the boat and regrouped.  We decided to walk to Maxwell’s, the fantastic grocery store in Marsh Harbor.  Besides a few perishable items, we bought a Swiffer mop and refill cloths for cleaning the floor in the boat.  It is amazing how much sand comes into the boat, even leaving our shoes outside.  We hope this will make it easier to sweep up, therefore, we will do it more often.  AND we bought some candy for a Valentine’s treat.

We put away the refrigerated items and set sail for Elbow Cay.  Once we were anchored there, we started our water maker using the Honda generator.  Before we can use the Next Gen generator, Dave needs to clean the raw water screens.  He has to go into the aft cabin to get to them.  We stored a lot of things in there to make room for our guests in the salon area.  So it was easier to use the Honda generator.  We just spent the day basically doing nothing after 2 weeks of guests.  We had a ton of fun with every one, but we needed some down time.   We also took showers while we made water. 

We threw together some leftovers and had a lovely chicken pasta dinner tonight for Valentine’s Day along with the rest of a bottle of wine we shared with the Doerrs.  We had been eating out and celebrating my birthday for 2 weeks and neither of us wanted to go anywhere.  It was a lovely evening.  

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