Friday, February 19, 2016

February 13, 2016 Sailing to Great Guana Cay & Nippers, Bahamas

We enjoyed coffee outside this morning while listening to the cruiser’s net.  A friend from GA was on the net, so we contacted him afterwards, Gary Krieger.  We hope to connect in the next couple days.  Then we had a relaxed breakfast with nothing scheduled this morning.  Harold and Juli cooked French toast and sausage for us.  Dave and I prepared the boat to go for a sail while they cooked. 

The wind was picking up, so it would be a great sailing day.  After sailing, we planned to end up in Marsh Harbor.  We didn’t have a destination in mind, just wanted to enjoy a day on the water.  We had Harold and Juli helping with lines.  And Harold skippered the boat most of the day.  He had a little experience on Hobby Cats.  And they both enjoyed the experience. 

We decided to go to shore at Great Guana Cay and show them the beautiful beach at Nippers.  We anchored in Settlement Harbor and took the dinghy to Nipper’s dock.  The Nipper mobile/golf cart picked us up for the ride to their place.  You really can walk, but the ride is part of the fun.  We ate lunch at their colorful restaurant.  Juli finally got to try conch in a bag.  They fry conch or chicken, then put it in a bag with french fries, pour catsup and hot sauce on them, shake them up and serve it to you in the bag.   I’ve only seen this in the Bahamas.
lunch Nippers

conch in a bag
dance floor to ourselves

After lunch we walked on the beach and took more photos.  I think it was hard for them to leave, knowing they were going home the next day. 


on Great Guana Cay

Nipper's Dock
climbing down dock to dinghy

We motor sailed back to Marsh Harbor and anchored just before sunset.  Dave and Harold took garbage to shore.  It was piling up in our shower in the forward head.  And that is the shower the Doerrs will use before they leave.  They also went for a short walk to give Harold an idea of how the island was laid out.  He also needed a little shore time after that sail today.  He had been wearing a patch for sea sickness all week and actually did pretty good. 

Juli and I prepared a salad and some pasta for dinner.  Dave had made pesto from spinach and pecans which we put over the pasta.  When the guys returned, we let Dave cook the wahoo for us.  First he seared the pieces.  But all of us sent them back to the chef to cook a little longer.  He ate his seared, but he likes tuna and salmon that way, too. 
wahoo dinner

The Doerrs spent the evening packing while we cleaned up after dinner.  They each showered.  Then we looked at each others photos and shared what we wanted.  A full day outdoors and a couple drinks sure make you ready for bed early. 
what a crew

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