Friday, February 19, 2016

February 11, 2016 Snake River and Tin Can Galley dinner, Bahamas

This morning, we headed to the Lodge to pick up Harold and Juli.  They are spending 3 nights on our boat before they leave on Sunday.   My sandals were a little muddy from the night before.  Then I noticed my toes had dried mud on them, too.  I guess I WAS a little tipsy when I went to bed last night. 

I took the dinghy in to pick them up.  I stopped at Sue and Kate’s boat from MN to visit with them once more before they left the area.  She stores her boat in the Bahamas when she returns to the states.  After picking up Doerrs, we stopped at another boat anchored outside the harbor.  We met Ellen and Frank on Bogomil from Germany last year.  We had another nice visit with them, but they were moving north later today and back to the states to store their boat and return to Germany by March.

At the boat, we gave the Doerrs a tour, which didn’t take long.  Next we had a nice breakfast on the boat and a relaxing morning.  We decided to sail to the Snake River on the Great Abaco Island south of Marsh Harbor.  We anchored outside and took the dinghy into the river.  The river entrance had a shelf about 15 feet deep that we followed inland.  There are a couple islands along the shoreline, so you can explore the river that forms between them.  We saw sting rays and large starfish over a foot from tip to tip, and some schools of fish.  We also were intrigued by the currents that occurred between the flow of the river and the tide.  We were running into shallow areas and were heading towards low tide.  So we decided we should get back to the boat before we had to portage the dinghy back to the river entrance. 


entrance to Snake River
We returned to  basically the same anchorage because we wanted be close to Hopetown.  WE anchored before sunset, which is getting later every day.  Yippee!!  Harold and Julie were able to watch the lighting of the lighthouse from our boat. 

The Doerrs planned dinner for this evening.  About a week before they came, Dave came up with an idea for guests on our boat.  Last year, friends made a Thai peanut sauce with ingredients we had on our boat, and we have used that recipe several times.  We get tired of making the same thing on the boat and like new ideas.  So we are now going to ask guests to come with a family favorite recipe that is made with common ingredients that are likely to be on our boat.   Then they will prepare it for us.  It gives us a new idea, plus it gives them a chance to participate in meal preparation.  Dave came up with the name Tin Can Galley, since we have a variety of canned foods stored on the boat. 

Their meal is what they call KS chicken, but you could use fish, too.  It stands for Kitchen Sink.  It is a one pot chicken dinner with a can of pineapple and what ever vegetables you have available all cooked together.  They made a package of Knorr teriyaki rice to serve with it.   It was wonderful, especially when someone else cooks for you.  The original intent was to make a meal from food that we have on the boat, but they bought the ingredients at the local grocery store.  But it did show us that you can make the meal from what is available locally. 
Tin Can Galley dinner of KS Chicken

We made our dining room table into a comfy bed for the two of them.  Then we all went to bed early. 
the guys made the bed from our dining room table

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