Saturday, January 16, 2016

January 9, 2016 Lake Worth Inlet traffic

Well, when you are ready to leave, but can’t, you’re not sure what to do in the meantime.  I enjoyed coffee out in the cock pit this morning.  There is all kinds of traffic in the inlet.  There are big and small private sailboats and motor boats to both extremes.  There are huge racing sailboats.  The distance from our deck to our boom is about 3 or 4 feet.   We could see full grown people standing under the boom and still clearing it on the race boats.  There was a tour/pirate boat making the rounds on the lake a couple times called the Black Sparrow.  The kids were having a great time.  There is a dredging outfit sitting here that is active during the evening hours.  There is also a Water Taxi that we see in the area.  Not sure if it makes a round of stops like a bus, or if you call it for a point to point delivery.   And at sunset, we watched a cruise ship leave the port. 


We listened to Chris Parker’s morning weather forecast.  He still thinks there will be squalls in the evening until maybe Tuesday.  But the wind will change to the North, which makes it rough in the Gulf Stream that is flowing north.  So we will watch everyday and see what looks good.

We enjoyed listening to the football playoff games on the radio.  That’s one advantage to still being in the US.

This evening, a storm moved over us with thunder and lightening.  We had one of those loud, instant lightning/thunder experiences which brought back memories of our lightning strike last year.  Luckily everything was fine.  But we were glad we weren’t out in the ocean and experiencing that. 

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