Friday, January 8, 2016

January 6, 2016 Good-bye to Bob and Olivia

Today was supposed to be heavy rain all day.  But around noon, it let up.  So Dave started cleaning the hull.  He just moved the dinghy around the boat and cleaned what he could reach.  Then he took our 2.5 gallon gasoline tank to North Palm Beach marina to fill with gasoline.  We had stopped there for diesel fuel when we first arrived and Dave forgot to tip the dock master, Jeff.  So he felt good going back and catching him this time.

We plan to leave this anchorage and move closer to the inlet tomorrow.  Dave also wants to go into the water there to finish cleaning the hull.  We think it will be more shallow and hopefully clearer water in that area.  Less current would be nice, too.  

After he returned, we decided to go to shore to say good-bye to Bob and Olivia.  When he sat the gas can on the swim platform, he noticed it was leaking around the top somewhere.  It is an older one, so had probably cracked.  We were glad we saw this before leaving.  There is a West Marine not far from the marina, so Dave planned to walk there.  Of course, Bob wouldn’t hear of it.  He had to drive him there. 

We had a nice visit for about an hour.  It was hard to say good-bye.  We have really enjoyed their company and their hospitality.  They aren’t going to the Bahamas this year.  They are going to move their boat back up to Stuart, FL and go inland on the waterway that crosses the state.  They will take their boat out of the water and store it there from April until October.  They are returning to their home in Michigan and preparing the house to go on the market.

We hope to see each other in the fall of 2016.

Back at the boat, we reviewed several weather reports.  They have been going back and forth on whether Thursday or Friday would be the better day to cross.  So we are going to be prepared for Thursday, and we’ll see how it looks tomorrow.

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