Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January 4, 2016 North Palm Beach errands

This morning, Dave rearranged out aft cabin.  He changed it from a guest room back to a garage.  At least we can make room for at least one person to sleep there.  And being a teenager, Devyn appreciated having a place where she could sleep in while they were here this weekend. 

About 1:00, we went to shore via Bob and Olivia’s boat.  Dave has been having trouble downloading the updates for our charts with the sketchy wifi we get at the boat.  So he brought both our mac and PC to update at their boat.  After he had one running (only one 3 prong plug), we joined them to run errands. 

We went to Home Depot.  Dave needed 4 feet of  PVC pipe to make a taller pole for our light on the dinghy.  The way the aft white light is now, it shines in your eyes.  So he is going to mount that higher.  And it will be easier for others to see.  Well, you can by PVC in 2 foot or 10 foot sections.  So we bought the 10 foot, had them cut it, but had to take both pieces with us.  They wouldn’t even throw away the 6 foot section for us.

He also needed a drill bit, a socket and a brass fitting.  We decided to pick up another car charger for our phones.  I think we left one in the U-Haul truck we rented to help Dave’s mom move. 

Then we went to Walmart.  We had a few odd items we needed, like replacing expired medications in our first aide kit.  Then I picked up only a couple bags of groceries.  We are pretty well set to go to the Bahamas, so it is mostly perishable items that we are consuming before we leave.

We went back to their boat and Dave started the other update on the other computer.  While he was doing that, I taught Bob and Olivia how to play Left, Right, Center with 5 dice and 5 quarters.  There is a game you can buy called LRC, but you can use regular dice too.  For those that are interested, you start with 5 quarters each.  The first person shakes all five dice.  They pass a quarter to the left for each 6 they roll, a quarter to the right for each 5 they roll, and put a die in the center for each 4 they roll.  If they roll a 3, 2, or 1, those are safe.  Then the turn passes to the left.  Each person rolls the same number of dice that matches the number of quarters they have, but 5 is the most you would roll, even if you had 8 quarters.  So if you only have 3 quarters, you only roll 3 dice.  It continues until there is only one person with dice.  They still have to roll to be sure they are safe.  If on their last roll, they have to pass to the right or left, the game continues.  If the last roll if a 4, the money goes in the center and a new game is started with double the winnings.  Or you could divide it our and start over-make your own house rules.  If their last roll is a 3, 2, or 1, they win the money in the center.  What makes this game so fun is that you could be out, but get back in if someone passes you a quarter.  They really  liked it.  We played 3 rounds.  I won the first round.  The second round ended with the last quarter going in the middle.  Then Bob won the last round, so he won a double pot.  Of course he loved it.  Since they didn’t have any dice on their boat, I left 5 with them. 

Then we decided to go over to the Sandpiper restaurant on the marina property for their happy hour.  We had a couple beers, their firecracker shrimp and smoked fish dip appetizers.  Of course, they knew Bob and Olivia by name. 

It was probably 6:00 and dark by the time we returned to our boat.  We have an LED light hanging in our cockpit that automatically comes on at dusk.  But we didn’t have our anchor light on or a light with us in the dinghy.  So we are glad that we anchored close by. 

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