Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January 24, 2016 Day at anchor Boat Harbor

Wow, were we ever glad that we moved.  The wind blew all night, but the boat was much more stable.  The only problem was some kind of alarm on shore, like a car alarm, going off about once an hour. 

Dave got up early and played with the Single Side Band radio.  He can use headsets, so it didn’t wake me :)  He couldn’t get Chris Parker’s weather and was disappointed, until he remembered it was Sunday and he takes the day off.  So he listened to a few other people having conversations, mostly old guys in Florida talking about weather, movies, fishing, etc.  He spent some time using the different buttons to see what he could discover and improve his use-he called it “radio play”. 

I was up in time for the cruiser’s net at 8:15.  I kind of get addicted to listening to it.  It’s like your life line to what is happening in the area.  Or your daily newspaper for cruisers.  And you may recognize another boat and contact them after then net.  The couple that helped us last year with ideas for our run away engine contacted the net about something.  Now that we know they are here, we’ll look for them and thank them again.   He was a diesel engine mechanic for airplanes and was curious if his knowledge transferred to marine diesel engines.  So he may want to know how everything turned out.  

After the net, I tried calling Harbor Inn and Marina to ask about reserving a mooring ball.  After a few attempts and no answer, another cruiser, Will, came on to tell me they probably couldn’t hear me from where we are.  But he gave me all the information I needed about the mooring balls.  We met him last year the day of the sailboat race.  So it was nice to visit with him and gain some local knowledge.

Dave started a corned beef roast early this morning.  So we had a great lunch of corned beef, potatoes, carrots and cabbage.  It is actually only in the low 60’s, so a warm meal was awesome. 

I decided to do one load of laundry today by hand.  First of the season. Not everything was dry by the time we went to bed.  So our salon became a laundry room.
full moon rising

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