Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January 18, 2016 dental appointments in West Palm Beach

Our “local knowledge queen”, Gloria, gave me the name of a dentist within walking distance that her daughter used to work for as a hygienist.  Both Dave and I were due for cleanings in January and thought we’d go to a dentist in Marsh Harbor in the Bahamas.  But since we were here for a couple days, I thought I’d see if they had an opening.  Luckily, I called right after they had received a cancellation for 2 people at 2:00.  So we took the appointments.  

After the appointment, we saw this "fruit" hanging in a tree.  The one one the ground was as hard as a potato and a rough texture.  Any ideas as to what they are would be appreciated.  We think we have ruled out breadfruit.

Of course that threw off Dave’s plans for tearing apart the boat to chase down the electrical problem.  After our appointments, we went to Publix grocery store one more time. 

After we returned to the boat, I wanted to discuss our options for crossing.  The plan was to leave about 10:00pm Wednesday, arrive at Memory Rock about sunrise, then cross the Little Bahama Banks on Thursday and anchor at Great Sale Cay by Thursday night.  Then sit out the high winds expected on Friday and Saturday.  So I asked why we couldn’t leave in the morning, get to Memory Rock before sunset, then travel through the night and all day Thursday and get further and tucked in to a more protected area before Friday.  Our other option is to wait until Sunday.  So we decided to sleep on it and decide in the morning.

It had turned into a cold evening, so we broke out the comforter that we haven’t used since last February in Georgia.  But we can’t complain.  Our families are suffering 35 below windchill in MN and WI.

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