Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January 1, 2016 Lake Worth, FL

Happy New Year!
Being good examples for 17 year old Devyn, we went to church at 11:00.  Afterwards, we stopped at Publix to pick up something to grill on the boat today, plus a few odd things I needed.  We went back to the marina and visited with Bob and Olivia for about 30-45 minutes.  They are such gracious hosts. 

We had thought about taking the boat somewhere today, but by now it was about 3:00.  So we decided to just stay put and enjoy each others company.  We grilled brats and chicken to cover a couple meals since our timing was so off already.  The guys enjoyed talking boats and whatever.  And the girls enjoyed playing games and talking about whatever.  I introduced them to Tenzi, a new game I bought in SD in November.  It is a dice game with 10 dice per person.  Jackie had the great idea of putting a towel over the table.  It cut down on the noise, but also the dice didn’t bounce off the table.  And since we were playing in the cockpit with an open walk trough transom, it cut back my worrying about a die going overboard.

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