Saturday, December 19, 2015

November 29-December 1, 2015 Aberdeen, SD

Sunday Nov 29
This morning, Bev and I rode to Aberdeen with Janice and Jim.  The 3 sisters are planning to go to Denver for a baby shower next weekend for our niece, Katie Zeller Murphy.  I had to say good-bye to Dave.  He is going back to GA and the boat on Wednesday and I won’t go back until Dec 7.

Monday Nove 30
We enjoyed a lazy day at Janice’s.  I got Janice and Bev hooked on Triominos.  I thought it was awesome when the game was over and one of them started to set it up to play again, and one refilled our drinks.  It was so fun to be with people that think like I do. 
Bev and Janice would look up and smile because I had just beaten them hehe
Tues Dec 1
We woke up to new snow on the ground this morning.  Janice and Jim spent about 2 hours shoveling snow.  That’s why we moved south and on a boat.  The snow continued to blow today and was supposed to continue through the night.
taken through the screen window

We had plans to pick up Garrett and Claire (our great nephew and niece) after school and take them to their house with Heidi and Glen.  But with the way the weather was, we decided to pick them up and take them to Janice and Jim’s for the night.  Heidi had to leave early in the morning for Sioux Falls.  So we were helping them out. 

We ran a few errands, picked up Papa Murphy pizzas and then the kids and back to Bath, SD about 10 miles outside of Aberdeen, SD. 
their maintenance person has a sense of humor
We had pizza and played Uno with the kids.  They both had to read tonight for homework.  So we took turns listening to their stories.  Fun night.

pizza chefs

Garrett and Jim sledding.  who says you have to grow up just because you've retired

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