Monday, December 14, 2015

November 24, 2015 Linden Hills Dentistry

Today Dave had his dental appointment to seat his crown.  Everything went great.  Peter and Kordie, the classmates of mine that own the practice, joined us for lunch in the neighborhood of Linden Hills.  We gave them a wish list for blades, sutures, anesthetic and needles so we could put together our own “sewing kit” for medical emergencies.  We’re always flying with carry on luggage and haven’t been able to bring those things back with us.  They are going to send it to the marina for us.  Good friends!

After lunch we went back to Jerry’s.  My sister Bev from Oklahoma arrived yesterday.  She and I put together a grocery list and went shopping to beat the crowds tomorrow.  After we returned, Dave and Jerry made the trip to the airport to return our rental car.  Bev went to Bev Conerton’s for dinner.  The two of them have been friends since grade school in Miller, SD.  Jerry made us a delicious chili.  Dave and I liked the the level of hot spice.  But we had a good laugh watching the sweat on Jerry's forehead curl his hair.

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