Monday, December 14, 2015

November 22, 2015 family Thanksgiving

I found my way to the Catholic church I attended last summer in Cumberland.  It is a small church just outside of town.  After church, Dave, Alice and I went to Debbie’s for our Thanksgiving dinner together. 

We planned to eat at 2:00 and watch the Packers/Vikings football game at 3:00.  Well, things took longer than planned, so we ate watching the football game.  Dave’s brother, Dean, joined us from Mpls before the meal was finished.  He is a police officer and works nights.  There have been people camped outside of his precinct protesting the shooting of a black man (that had reached for a police officer’s gun).  I can’t imagine having that job. 

We have been Packer fans for many years, which makes it interesting with so many family members living in MN.  But now we were in Wisconsin, and the Packers beat the Vikings.  We thought it was a perfect day: great meal and the Packers won. 

We went back to Alice’s shortly after the game was over.  Her apartment complex had a guest room for $5 a night that Dean slept in.  It had a hide-a-bed, love seat, rocker and TV.  But he had to cross the hall to use the public bathroom and use the shower in Alice’s apartment.  But at least he had a bed.  Alice had been sleeping on a cot and letting us use her 2 single beds that make a king sized bed. 

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