Saturday, December 19, 2015

December 7-8, 2015 Back to Brunswick Landing Marina

Monday, Dec 7
Sherri was able to drive me to the Denver International Airport this morning after she had a telephone conference.  The travel day was uneventful.  Dave and our friend, Gary Krieger, picked me up and we went out for dinner before returning to the marina. 

Tuesday, Dec 8
Dave took a week to recover from his cold.  So he didn’t get as many things done while I was gone as he had hoped to.  Today, he felt much better.  So first he helped Gary repair his sail using our sewing machine.  Payback for the airport shuttle service 

Then we helped some other friends leave the marina.  Bob and Nina left their dock and moved their Island Packet to the fuel dock to stage leaving early in the morning.  When they arrived at the fuel dock, their engine had stopped.  They figured the fuel lines were clogged.   So Dave offered to let them use our fuel polisher to clean the fuel.  That took about 3 hours of his time.  So his first healthy day was spent helping others.
Good-bye Bob and Nina

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