Saturday, December 19, 2015

December 5 & 6, 2015 Denver Baby Showers

Saturday Dec 5
The ladies all went to a friend of Katie’s today for her baby shower.  Laura was a very gracious hostess and served us a wonderful brunch including mimosas. 

We had fun meeting several of Katie’s friends.  Brad’s mother and sister-in-law were also there. We heard some fun stories about Katie and shared future wishes for the baby. 
family, Heidi, Linda, Katie, Sherri

enjoying mimosas Janice, Bev, Linda, Brad's mother

proud aunts Bev, Janice, Katie, Mary

Zeller girls Sherri, Janie, Heidi, Bev, Katie, Mary

Mom and daughter, Linda and Katie
We regrouped at Sherry and Bobby’s.  After the shower, we delivered gifts to Brad and Katie’s so we could see their home.  Then all of us went downtown Denver for the “baby is brewing” party at the Wyncoop Brewery. 

Before the party,  the other women went shopping.  But I found a little “hang out” type of bar with Don and Bobby.  I wanted to see the Alabama football game.  And we all had a couple beers.  The place was called Illegal Pete’s.  They gave me a couple stickers that I could send to my son, Pete.

Brad had grown a mustache last summer, so several of us were wearing fake mustaches to “break the ice” when he arrived at the brewery.  We had a gift bucket of male gifts for Brad and the baby.  ANOTHER fun night. 
Sherri, Heidi, Janice
my crazy family Janice, Bev, Don, Mary

cute sisiter Sherri, Katie, Heidi
Brad, Don and friends, Don's the fun one

Katie opening and sharing the "baby is brewing" gifts

Sunday Dec 6
Everyone except me left today.  Janice and Heidi drove back to Aberdeen (Heidi had flown here form Sioux Falls on Wednesday).  They dropped off Bev at the airport.  Don and Linda drove back to Pierre, SD.  My flight wasn’t until Monday.  So I found the closest Catholic church.  Then I went to see the 4th Hunger Game movie.  I wanted to see it before we left the US for 6 months.

That evening, Sherri, Bobby and I went out to eat.  We spent most of the evening with them asking me questions about downsizing and moving to a warm climate.  They recently purchased a home in Key Largo.  And they are now deciding how much they want to hang on to in Colorado.  Of course, I have no regrets about downsizing.

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