Monday, December 28, 2015

December 22, 2015 Hobe Sound, FL

80 degrees this morning !! Hello Florida!
We woke up to no-see-ums biting us this morning.  Time to break out the no-see-um nets instead of the regular bug screens.  Hello Florida!

With the way the weather was looking, we didn’t have to hurry to get positioned to cross to the Bahamas.  So we had a relaxed evening and planned to only go part way to Lake Worth in North Palm Beach (which is where we will cross from).

This morning, we noticed another sailboat at our anchorage, but closer to the ICW canal.  We were looking at it’s broad side, but it looked like it was leaning.  As we left our anchorage, we could see that it was stuck and heeling.  That meant they spent the night at that angle, which makes for interesting sleeping arrangements.  We saw that Tow Boat US arrived to help them.  Our navigational information said not to enter the anchorage from that approach.  I guess they know what they are talking about on Active Captain.

We only spent 4 hours on the ICW today.  We passed through Port St Lucie.  This is where the cut off across Florida begins and enters Lake Okeechobee and comes out at Ft Myers on the Gulf side.  So there is always heavy traffic here.  Lots of sport fishermen. 

When Dave didn’t need me outside to watch boat traffic, I decorated the boat with our Dollar Store decorations.  With out room for storing, they get thrown after the holiday.  I chose to get strings of beads this year instead of garland.  We end up with pieces of the garland in the boat.  But I had this fear that the string of beads would break and there would be beads EVERYWHERE.  So it may be back to garland in the future. 
decorating for Christmas
final touch

We anchored early, about 2:00, near Hobe Sound in Peck Lake.  There were a couple boats of teens or college kids in power boats tied to a platform that they were jumping off of.  Lots of screams from the girls in bikinis and macho tricks from the guys.  The life guard in me was just waiting for an accident to happen.  And Dave was frustrated because we weren’t close enough to get a good view of the bikinis.  And he didn’t want to look like a pervert and bring out the binoculars.  But he did notice a boat closer to them with a guy out on his deck doing some work.  He had the right idea. 

I spent some time cleaning about 20 globes of garlic.  We haven’t been happy with any of the prepared garlic we have found.  So I am going to store these in olive oil and some in balsamic vinegar.  I tried it on a smaller scale this summer and liked it.  So we’ll see how long these last us.  My only problem was containing the "paper wrapping" with a breeze coming through the window above me.
cleaning garlic
olive oil vs balsamic vinigar

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