Monday, December 28, 2015

December 21, 2015 Ft Pierce, FL

The weather is getting warmer!  In the 70’s today.
We put in a 10 hour day on the ICW.  Dave started using the autopilot on the ICW this year.  He made some corrections this summer that made it work better with small changes.  You don’t get as tired at the helm.  And he gets bored if he isn’t at the helm, so I busied myself inside.  I made breakfast while we were underway and brought it outside to share.  That helps us leave earlier. 

Then during the day, I made meatloaf in muffin tins.  We will freeze them and eat them when we make our crossing.  It will be easier to just take out a couple at a time while under way.  I was thinking we would leave soon.  And since the meat was thawed, I went ahead and made it now.  But it looks like we won’t be able to cross until after Christmas, because of the weather, so I’ll wait to prepare some other things.

We ended up anchoring just after sunset about 6:00 pm just north of the Ft Pierce inlet.  It was a little windy, and we seemed to swing on our anchor, but it held just fine.

I watched for the rocket launching, even though we were now about 70 miles south of Cape Canaveral.  It was cloudy, so I only saw an orange ball of fire for about 10 seconds.

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