Saturday, December 19, 2015

December 2-4, 2015 Denver, CO

Wednesday, Dec 2
Janice, Bev and I took off for Denver this morning.  The roads were snow packed and icy for the first 3-4 hours.  Then they were fine.  We were on the road for 11 hours.  We ended up in Cheyenne, Wyoming at Margaret Harrell’s, Janice’s sister-in-law.  She had made lasagna for us.  We sat us visiting and drinking too much wine.

Thursday, Dec 3
This morning, Margaret had to leave for work.  The 3 of us were invited to breakfast at the home of Bev Ambrose.  She is a friend of mine and Bev’s that used to live in Rapid City.  She moved to Cheyenne about a year ago into a new town house.  She made us a very nice breakfast, and we had a couple hours to visit.  We all enjoyed our time with her. 

We drove into Denver and made it to our niece Sherri’s home by late afternoon.  There, we were joined by our brother Don and his wife Linda along with Katie the mother to be.

We had a Mexican dinner together and enjoyed visiting with Katie.

Friday, Dec 4
Those of us who were on vacation today spent the day at a mall near Sherri’s.  Katie and Linda had pedicures.  Sherri, Janice, Bev and I had massages.  Don’t remember what Don did.  We all met for lunch at a restaurant in the mall.  Then Bev, Janice and I went to see the movie “The Letters” about Mother Theresa.  Then we all met back at Sherri and Bobby’s.  We decided to go to the Denver Botanical Gardens and walked through their Christmas lights trail.  It was a beautiful evening. 

We returned to Sherri and Bobby’s for dinner and played Triminos and drank a few beers.  Another fun night.

Isn't Katie a cute mommy?

Don, Janice, Beverly and Santa, Sherri, Bobby, Linda, Mary, Frosty

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