Monday, December 28, 2015

December 15, 2015 Leaving Brunswick Landing Marina

Thank you, thank you, thank you Gary for letting us use your car one more time.  We both forgot that we wanted to get some cash before leaving the area.  So we drove somewhere to do that.  We didn’t want to temp fate by riding away from a cash machine on our bicycles.  Then we made one more trip to the storage unit.  We wanted to store the comforters we had been using as a mattress cushion.  We won’t need them where we’re going:) On the way back, we stopped at Burger King and picked up breakfast for us and Gary.  After having breakfast on his dock, Gary followed us to our boat to help us “shove off”.  Ricardo joined us, too.
lining up help to cast us off-Ricardo and Gary with Dave

It only took us a few minutes to unhook our water hoses and power cords and store them away.  Everything else was ready to go.  We gave our last hugs and said our last thank you’s.  Gary took our shower house keys and the last of our mail to the marina office for us so we didn’t have to stop the boat at their dock on the way out.  And Gary took pictures of us leaving.  I often do that for others.  It’s fun to see what your own boat looks like on the water.  It was about 11:00 by the time we left.

wrapping up the hoses

leaving our slip

motoring out of the marina
beautiful calm day

boy voyage
 We planned our departure to pass Jekyll Island at high tide, which was perfect.  When we first passed Jekyll, our keel touched the bottom as we slid along in the muck.  I enjoyed seeing the Rah Bar from the water, since we had been there a couple times this summer.  And we saw dolphins within the first hour of being on the water. 

We motored our way down the ICW to an anchorage at Delaroche Bay about 3:30.  It was halfway down Cumberland Island.  We just wanted a short day to get our heads on right. 

Can’t believe we had the boat at Brunswick Landing Marina for 6 months.  It really is a great marina.  It’s reasonably priced, free laundry, close to downtown with restaurants and local theater, free bicycles which we can use for groceries or parts, close to a Catholic church, and a nice club house for gathering, which includes TV’s for movie night or ball games or yoga DVD’s, free wine at happy hour 3 days a week, 2 potlucks a month, and a free keg of beer tapped all the time.  I think there will be an AA meeting hall next year.  They also provide a big dinner celebration on every major holiday.  We plan to return there in the summer when we leave the Bahamas.  We don’t plan to stay there all summer, but we didn’t plan to do that this summer either.  You just never know when it comes to sailing and free booze :)

It was such a nice day that we were tempted to go out on the ocean instead of the ICW.  But we thought we better get our “sea legs” back before we do that.  Plus we hadn’t planned where we would come back off the ocean.  It’s best to plan ahead for those things.  But we did that once with Cheryl in the Bahamas and it worked out.  Hence the name Luck of a Fool.

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