Monday, December 28, 2015

December 18, 2015 Day at anchor in Matanzas Inlet, FL

We thought there were supposed to be some strong winds and rain today, so we decided to stay another night at this anchorage.  It probably would have been fine on the ICW, but we took the day to get some other things done. 

Since we had a wifi connection, I tried updating my blog.  But it was REALLY slow.  I hope to have everything up to date before we leave for the Bahamas.

We needed to store a few things in our bilge, so we took up the floor boards today.  And what should we find but water in our bilge.  It wasn’t much, and it was salty.  So either it is a slow leak into the boat, or it came from running the water maker.  We’ll clean it up, then check it again after the next time we make water.

We enjoyed our steak dinner tonight.  And I convinced Dave to try a game of Triominos.  He actually liked the game :)

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