Friday, November 6, 2015

October 20, 2015 new boat photos, Brunswick, GA

The boat at our dock that was between us and the shore left this morning.  So we took the opportunity to take a few photos of the boat.  We took some early when the light was best.  But then I made Dave pose for a couple more after I had showered and changed clothes.  I am surprised you can’t see the scowl on his face during the second time we took photos. 

 Several of the boaters car pooled to Gary Lee’s BBQ for lunch again.  Their ribs and brisket are really good.

We bought a “gale sail”, or storm jib sail which arrived today.  This sail is hanked on over the jib sail.  Which means we store it in a bag and bring it out and attach it to the forestay by hand.  This happens to go over our jib sail that is wound around the forestay.  We will use it in heavy winds.  So it isn’t something you pull out at the last minute.  OR you are VERY careful going forward on the boat in heavy winds.  The smaller sail won’t hold the wind as long when it is blowing hard.  If it is a light wind day, you want more sail out to “catch the wind”.  


  1. Good idea to have a storm sail. We were once in 60 mph winds on the beam and our storm sail took us to hull speed. Yes, we put it up early...very important. Libbo and Ron

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