Friday, November 6, 2015

October 22, 2015 Electronics and "pitch in" Brunswick Landing Marina, GA

This week Dave was working on connecting our AIS to our computer so the AIS will show up if we are using the laptop for navigation.  The laptop is a backup in case we have trouble with our Raymarine chart plotter.  The AIS alerts us and gives us information about other boats in the area.  Plus the other boats can see us.
NMEA0183 is the system for communicating between electronic devices.  Most electronics come with it to transfer data.  But no one has come up with a cord that all companies like to use.  We have Coastal Explorer chart software on our laptop, and we want it to receive AIS.  So you have to get a special cord to connect AIS and a USB cord for the computer. 
When you connect devices, some have “send” wires only or “send and receive” wires.  For instance, a GPS only has send info.  But with AIS you want to send and receive.  So he had to connect two ends of wires for send and two for receive.  Then, according to Dave, they all talked to each other like little Minions.

And there is probably a wireless way to do all this by now.  But not on our boat.

Dave working in a tight spot

We were invited to another “pitch in” (Canadian for pot luck) on dock 8 today.  Benito was making ceviche for everyone.  He is a captain for a private boat in the marina and is from Mexico.  People donated lion fish, grouper, snapper and shrimp.  Then several people helped with the chopping of the vegetables.  I chopped tomatoes.  And he spiced them for us.  People also brought other dips and finger foods.  I made a creme de menthe cake that was famous in our family.  It is a white cake with the 4 Tbsp creme de menthe, chocolate frosting, then a layer of 12 oz cool whip with 3 Tbsp creme de menthe mixed in.  Great chocolate mint mixture, and pretty with the green color.  It was great to cool off your mouth after the spicy ceviche. 
ceviche preparation-Benito on the left and me on the right
ceviche buffet
a Foodpod for placing things in boiling water and lifting them out made of silicone

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