Friday, November 6, 2015

October 25, 2015 St Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Brunswick, GA

Sunday Oct 25
This morning, I rode my bicycle to church and sang with the choir.  We sang a song after communion where I soloed the alto harmony.  I would never have done that back in Rapid City.   I think being in the balcony instead of in front of everyone made it easier.  Plus, very few people know me here.  After mass, we folded up my bike and put it in Rosemary’s trunk, another alto.  Then I joined her and 3 other members of the church for lunch at an IHOP.  I enjoyed visiting with them.  Everyone is always so curious about living on a boat. 

While I was gone, Dave took our boat out by himself to check the autopilot.  It’s still not correct.

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