Friday, November 6, 2015

October 24, 2015 storing canned goods Brunswick, GA

This morning, I walked to church bazaar with a couple other boaters, Vicki and Linda.  We donated money for the 50/50 drawings and for a few raffle tickets.  The drawings were at 1:00 pm and none of us heard from them.  I bought a few little items for the boat, coaster and a cloth bag for carrying a hot dish.  I had one my mother made that didn't make it to the boat.  And I have missed it. 
Vicki and Linda by the cauldron that cooked the first Brunswick Stew

I spent the afternoon sorting our canned goods in our v berth.  We have been bagging the cans.  And when we first moved the canned goods to a section under our bed, they were tossed in there haphazardly.  So today, I sorted, recounted, and rebagged as needed.  Once they were placed in there with some sense of order, I was able to get many more cans in the space.  I think we will make it through 6 months in the Bahamas.  We can always buy food there, but canned goods are much more expensive there. 

We enjoyed another Alabama college football game in the club house.  They beat the Tennessee Volunteers.  ROLL TIDE!!

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