Sunday, November 8, 2015

November 8, 2015 choir and boat parts, Brunswick, GA

I was planning to use Gary’s car to go to church this morning.  Dave gave me a ride so he could get a couple more things ready for our storage unit.  Time to say good-bye to the bicycles.  

Before mass today, one of the choir members wanted a group photo.  That worked out great because it was my last day today.  I was the only alto singing that part in 3 songs.  I have really enjoyed singing with them.  And I know I will be welcome back anytime.

one of the men was cut off and one was taking the picture
beautiful stained glass behind us
orgnaist/director and his set up.  He plays an organ and has music recorded.  There is a TV monitor so he can see the alter with his back to it. 

Dave picked me up and we ran a couple errands.  He was looking for washers for the shower at the stern of the boat outside.  We also went to the storage unit.

When we returned to the boat, Dave continued with a project he started yesterday.  The stern shower has a cover over the on/off/hot/cold control and one where the hose is stored.  Those covers were flimsy and needed replacing.  Dave had ordered new, sturdier covers.  They include a cover with a recessed cup to house the controls or the head of the shower.  He started yesterday with replacing them, but found out the new ones were larger.  He decided decided to finish this project when he returns from MN but before we go to the Bahamas.  In the process of doing this, he found that the washers were worn and could have started leaking at any time.  And there were only single hose clamps on the hoses.  There are generally double hose clamps on anything with water or poop on the boat.  You don’t want any surprises.  We had extra clamps, but he picked up new washers today.  The pre made hole in the washer was smaller than what we had before.  Dave calls it “eco-friendly”.  So he took a punch and made the hole bigger.  We don’t care to have just a dribble when we shower outside.  He ordered the parts through Defender, a great company for boat parts, a chandlery.  The parts were actually from Sweden, Scandvik. 

kind of looks like a toilet, doesn't it?
It rained most of the day, but Dave scrubbed the deck anyway.  He wanted at least this layer off of the boat before it sits for a month.

I finished packing and worked on this blog.  Ricardo also tried to help me figure out why I don’t have ads showing up yet.  Not sure it’s working yet.  Then he joined us for an early dinner.  Dave spent some time checking systems before we leave the boat for a month.  He ran the generator, cleaned the raw water screens, closed through hulls/sea cocks that won’t be needed in the morning (generator, engine and the shaft). 

We couldn't get the Packer game on TV here in Georgia or the radio.  So we watched the play by play updates on the computer while Ricardo was here.  He does’t understand the game, therefore he thinks it is boring.  And watching the delayed plays posted on a computer screen was crazy in his mind.  It was a sad loss for Green Bay.

To bed early and off to the airport in the morning.  

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