Sunday, November 8, 2015

November 7, 2015 Boat flag Brunswick, GA

Today Dave spent time on rope maintenance.  He sealed the ends of the lines and tied them up neatly.  Ready to set sail when we return form MN.  He had picked up some rope for free, so that instigated this project.  There is an area in the club house where people can leave things they don’t want.  He also picked up 2 DeWalt batteries and brought them back to the boat to charge.  And they worked just fine.  We use them in our shop vac and in the cordless drill and jigsaw.  Great find!

It gets dark about 5:30 now.  Dave went out as it was getting dark to unfurl our main sail and drop it so he could place tell tales on the leech of the sail.  He used ribbon that Cheryl had wrapped around a gift for us.  The tell tales flutter in the wind.  And when they are flying straight back, the sail is set in a good position.  There is a good channel of wind between the sails.  You watch for other angles of the tell tale for different situations. 

I forgot to mention earlier about the gift Cheryl brought us.  Dave has always liked seeing a long streamer from the top of the mast.  We pointed one out to Cheryl when we were in the Bahamas last winter.  So she made us one.  Now we have to figure out how to attach it and see if it gets tangled in the main sail as we furl it.  And she wants to see a picture of it flowing back 20 feet (which I am sure will be in the blog).  It will be pretty cool if we get it all together.  Thanks Cheryl. 

Today we pulled back our bed mattress to get to the storage space under it closest to the bow.  I packaged all of the company bedding and shrunk them with the vacuum.  We placed them in storage and took out our winter clothes for our MN trip.  I spent some time packing so we can watch football tonight and tomorrow. 

We had a great pesto shrimp spaghetti dinner.  Didn’t want to take the chance of that shrimp spoiling in the freezer while we were gone.  Then we went up to the club house to watch #4 ranked Alabama beat #2 ranked LSU.  Great game.  ROLL TIDE!!!!

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