Sunday, November 8, 2015

November 6, 2015 New German friends at Brunswick Landing Marina, GA

I was the net controller for our cruiser’s net this morning for the last time.  The 3 main controllers are leaving by next week, so it may not continue.  We left a copy of the script at the office if anyone shows an interest, but we haven’t found any volunteers to continue it.  It has been a good way to buy or sell equipment or help each other out with services. 

Dave continued to sew and I updated this blog.  I was at the club house because there was a better wifi connection.  And Dave wanted me off of the table so he could sew.  About 5:00 several people gathered for happy hour, so I joined them.  Dave eventually joined us.  We met a “transient” sailor whose boat is on our dock for only 2 nights (hence the term transient).  He was German but has lived in Miami and Dubai and now Brazil working in banking and real estate investments.  He is now married to a Brazilian and has learned Portuguese.  So Ricardo enjoyed visiting with him, too. 

Andy's catamaran sailboat was used as a display model at the Annapolis boat show in October.  It was a Maverick 440 and was made in South Africa.  I think he said there are only 4 of them in the world.  They are making one every couple years.  Very nice.  He has sailed for years, but is new to the cruising life.  So we shared several tips with him.  He especially wanted his wife to read the book I suggested, Changing Course, which interviewed women about choosing to live aboard.
He had 3 men from Germany with him as crew.  They all seemed to be about 30 years old.  They all enjoyed my jokes with a southern accent and Dave’s Ole and Lena jokes with a Norwegian accent.  New audience every week with transient boaters. 

I took this one through my beer goggles, Janna, Nina and Gary had an OK connection.  Andy and Dave the German connection.

better photo taken by Andy. 
Andy wanted to see our screens for "no see'um's".  Then wanted a picture for his wife

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