Sunday, November 8, 2015

November 5, 2015 Helping others in Brunswick Landing Marina, GA

This morning, another sailing couple came to our boat to look at something on our engine.  They were rebuilding their’s.  Then we went to their boat.  While the guys talked boats, Paula showed me the dried foods they order.  The company is Northbay Trading Company out of Wisconsin.  Lots of fruits and vegetables that would be much better than canned.  Even celery and bananas, which you can’t get in a can.  We’ll have to check into that. 

Dave and neighbor, Jim, helped Ricardo put his new boom on his boat.  He had to wait for the right fittings for the mast.

Ricardo, Jim and Dave
Happy Ricardo
 Bob and Vicki want me to send their back pack to the Miami Beach post office, general delivery.  So I went to the marina office to find a box or advice on a package store.  They had a champagne box that worked just right with lots of taping.  At the post office, they said you can’t have any reference to a liquid on the outside of the box.  Never knew that.  But they gave me a black magic marker and let me black out everything.  Good deed done!

I found one pillow case that goes with the set that needs to be stored.  So I decided to do our laundry, too.  Before leaving the boat, I started a pork roast and put it in our Wonderbag.  That is the bag that cooks like a crockpot with no power.  Love it. 

So we had an awesome pork dinner tonight.  We were concerned about leaving it in the freezer while we are gone to Minnesota.  You never know if we might lose power.  Of course I will have to refreeze some of it now that it’s cooked.  Hopefully that will also help prevent freezer burn. 

I went to the Thursday night movie in the marina.  They randomly choose DVD’s weekly.  This week was “Serena” with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradly Cooper.  It was a dark romance.  Not sure I’d recommend it.  But they have had great movies this summer that we have enjoyed.

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