Sunday, November 8, 2015

November 4, 2015 Good-byes at Brunswick Landing Marina, Brunswick, GA

Sailor Gary was flying out today to California.  We realized a few weeks ago that Dave and he will be on the same flight when they come back in December.  He has a BMW here at the marina.  So he let me drop him off at the airport and use his car until we leave on Monday.  Like my dad always said “good old American Know Who”.   Then we’ll leave it at the airport, and it will be there when they return.

Today Dave sewed and I did the bedding and towel laundry.  We need to store the guest bedding and pull out the winter clothes this week.  Dave decided that the marina is eating all of his “brain zincs”.

Vicki and Bob left from our dock today.  Vicki sat on the dock with us to say a few more good-byes while Bob showered.  Later that day, we realized the back pack that had been sitting on the dock for a few hours was theirs.  We took it to our boat and called them.  We are going to send it to them, but they will call tomorrow with the details.  Bummer!
Benito came by to say good-bye to Vicki and Bob.  He will be in the Ben Affleck movie captaining a 1930's Criss Craft boat

At happy hour today, the dock master, Sherry, had a special champagne toast to Rhonda and Bruce from dock 8.   They are leaving in the morning.  They went out of their way to help with any social function this summer.  And Rhonda was instrumental in planning several social events.  We will  miss them.
Bruce and Rhonda Little with Sherri the dock master in the middle

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