Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November 15-17, 2015 SD and MN

Sunday, Nov 15
Today I joined another friend for church and lunch.  Chelle Foley Hart and I met about 25 years ago at Ski for Light.  She is visually impaired and I was her cross country ski guide at Ski for Light in the Black Hills.  We skied together for about 10 years.  She has been married to a great guy, Steve, for about 10 years.  Chelle’s father joined us, too.  It was fun seeing them again.
selfie of Steve, Chelle and me
Me and Chelle with Jack, their Jack Russel Terrier and Beagle mix

This evening, Lori came to Sheryl’s for dinner.  A friend of Sheryl’s that we have known also joined us, Claudia.  Sheryl grilled steak and salmon and vegetables for us.  Then we had fun just visiting.  I was able to “recharge my girlfriend batteries” this weekend. 
Me with Lori and Sheryl

Monday Nov 16
I drove back to MN today.  One of Alice’s grand daughters wanted to take us out to dinner before Alice moved.  We met her and her 12 year old son downtown for and early dinner.  Her husband had a cold, so he wasn’t allowed to come.  She didn’t want Alice getting sick while she was moving. 

Tonight, I went with Alice to her choir practice at her church.  She wasn’t going to go, since she was moving, but a member called and asked her to come.  A member brought yummy pumpkin muffins to share and visit after practice.  She had many good friends here and will be missed.

Tuesday, Nov 17
This is it.  We tucked up lots of loose ends today.  We want to be able to just load and go tomorrow. 

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