Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November 13 & 14, 2015 SD road trip

Friday, Nov 13
We spent the day doing some shopping.  Sheryl had an appointment at 3:30, so he dropped me off downtown to browse.  Then we met for an early dinner at a new restaurant, McKenzie River.  Just a fun “girlfriend day”.

Saturday, Nov 14
This morning at 7:00, another girlfriend, Lori Landgrebe Schneller, picked me up and we drove to Miller, SD, our hometown.  It is about a 3 hour drive, so we enjoyed visiting while on the ride there and back.  Lori’s 93 year old mother still lives there in an apartment.  And Lori’s sister, Jody, lives nearby on a farm outside of Highmore.  So she met us for lunch. 

In the afternoon, I visited my 99 year old aunt Dorothy Zeller.   She is living in a nursing home in Miller.  When I told her who I was, she nodded and said hello, but not sure if she really knew who I was.  I brought an old picture of her with my mother and their other sister to show her.  Right away she said “that’s me and my sisters”.   My mother passed away in 1994, but Dorothy asks about her occasionally wondering why she hasn’t visited her.  And she didn't know her sister, Julie, last September.  So I am glad I shared the photo with her.

After we returned to Sioux Falls, we went to another movie, “the Intern”.  Lori said she doesn’t get to movie’s very often either.  We really enjoyed it.

my mother, Teresa and sisters Julie and Dorothy in about 1993

selfie of my aunt Dorothy and me

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