Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November 10, 2015 MN dental patient and cancer patient

We went to Dave’s dental appointment this morning at Linden Hills Dentistry.  The 3 dentists there were all classmates of mine at the University of Minnesota.  He had a crown impression for his implant.  And since he didn’t have to be anesthetized, we went out for lunch at Lilia right next door.  Dave’s brother, Dean, joined us for lunch. 

We spent about an hour running around Mpls looking for a switch that we need on our boat.  No luck.  The switch is a round rocker switch.  We have about a dozen of them on our boat in small light fixtures.  And they are starting to go bad.  They are referred to as reading lights.  Beneteau doesn’t make that switch or the light fixture anymore.  So to replace them, it will cost about $80 each.  Dave found a similar switch at Radio Shack, but he will have to enlarge the metal hole that they fit into.   Dave has seen metal shavings rust on the fiberglass after he thought he had cleaned everything.  So I offered to hold the shop vac next to where he will be working.  See, I can actually help.

About mid afternoon, we went to Dave’s niece’s home in Bloomington.  Her kids were just getting home from school.  We visited with them awhile, then Dena called from the hospital where she is receiving her cancer treatment.  So we drove there and had a great visit with her during her chemo and radiation treatment.  We showed Dena and her nurse an app on your phone called Nevasic.  It can help with motion sickness an a boat, but can also be used for other types of nausea.  So it may be helpful for patients that are nauseous after chemo treatment.  It creates sounds that change something in your inner ear. 

Dena actually felt pretty good today, so we really had a nice visit for a couple hours.  She has been through a lot.  She is 36 and had a radical hysterectomy.  When they removed some lymph nodes in her groin area, it damaged some nerves.  So she had to go through weeks of physical therapy to be able to walk again.  Then she had a blood infection that just about killed her.  She is a real trooper.  She has 3 beautiful children age 12, 14  and 17.  And her x-husband is going through cancer treatment, too.   She has a great network of friends helping her through this.  And her mother, Dave’s sister, is about 2 hours away and has helped as needed, too.  So if you are inclined to pray for people in need, add her and her family to your list.

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