Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September 7, 2015 marina Labor Day party

The marina always throws a party for us on holidays.  Today they had a low country boil and live music.  We were introduced to low country boils in Alabama.  They had two big pots of boiled potatoes, corn on the cob, sausage and shrimp.  The seasoning is what makes them different.  This had a nice spice to it.  Everyone brought salads and desserts.

Canadian Randy helped cook

low country boil
transferring the kettle to the table in a dock cart
that's why they call it a "spread"

Yesterday, Amy had bought a watermelon to bring.  So last night as we were playing Mahjong with two other boaters, we came up with the idea of “spiking” the watermelon.  Another boater had coconut rum, so we used 2 cups of it to put into the watermelon last night on our boat.  Today, Amy cut the watermelon into a pretty basket.  It tasted good with the coconut flavor, but not too strong of an alcohol taste. 
spiking the watermelon with coconut rum in the gin bottle
Amy's artistic work.  we left the hole so people would know it was spiked

The marina provided a keg of beer, a champagne punch, wine, Redbull and Jagermeister, and Kahlua.  They like to throw a party here.  And since no one has to drive home or work the next day, the boaters like to party.  Boy were we glad we paced ourselves.  Actually the keg was empty when I went to get my second glass.  Whew!  That was just fine with me.  I put some ice in my glass and poured some kailua over the ice.  Someone asked “are you mixing that with anything?”  I said “well there was beer in this glass before I put ice in it.”  We enjoyed the band and actually danced a bit.  Dave said he saw a few people stumbling back to their boats. 

3 piece band on the dock

working hard to get the last of the keg-had to hold it down in the floating ice to pump the last drop

view of the party on dock 8 from our dock 9

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