Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August 29-30, 2015 Savannah weekend

Saturday, August 29
It was a rainy day in Savannah, so we spent the day cooking Chinese food.  Amy was born in China, but moved to the US in 1985 when she was in her 20’s.  Dave had asked her if she ever ate chicken feet.  He has always been curious about them.  She had some in her freezer and said she would make them for him.  They are considered a snack, not a main course.  She also wanted to prepare some food for her daughter’s school lunches, who is a senior in high school.  So I helped and learned a lot.  We made ginger cookies using a spicy ginger candy for the ginger seasoning.  And she had me make Dave’s mom’s ESP cookies.  They have one Egg, one cup Sugar, and one cup Peanut butter-ESP.  Simple and good.  Amy had never used an oven until about 5 years ago, except to store pots and pans.  
Her neighbor came over for coffee with us in the morning.  And another girlfriend joined us for dinner and visiting.  I really enjoyed the “girl friend” time together.  

the tea smelled and tasted like a bouquet of flowers

 breakfast treats

tofu skins that are fried to add to dishes or each as a "chip"

Amy uses chopsticks for practically everything

chicken foot that has the outside removed

removing the nails
sweet and sour chicken feet served warm.  there was another one served cold that had a vinegar type dressing

the non edible parts.  Amy had me go back and eat more off of the bones when I thought I was done

a root named burdock-I guess she uses it a lot
burdock and a Chinese radish for soup

peeling burdock for a soup

the tea leaves are a flower
nice dinner with one American dish

Amy and Nufang (she said "I should just use an American name like Amy")
these are controls on Amy's guest bathroom toilet.  The seat can be warmed and there are two settings for a bidet
Amy's edible garden
pomegranate tree

Sunday, August 30
Amy went to church with me at the Cathedral of St John the Baptist in the old part of Savannah.  It was beautiful.  Then we walked around a few blocks towards downtown which included a few squares.  Savannah was laid out with a city plan to include several squares before it was even settled.  So there are huge trees with the Spanish moss hanging from them, statues, and water fountains.  Then the squares are surrounded by OLD homes that are also beautiful.  We also walked around Forsyth Park.  Part of the movie “Forrest Gump” was filmed there.  The part where he is sitting on a bench in a park with the box of chocolates.  It began to rain by early afternoon, so we did some more cooking at Amy’s.   Then we packed up several containers of food and returned to Brunswick.  We laid out a Chinese feast for Dave and Ricardo.  Dave loved the chicken feet, but Ricardo did’t even try them. 
I stayed at the yacht club to play games.  Another lady brought up a Chinese Checkers board.  Amy said she used to play that as a child in China.  I played it as a child, but didn’t think about it actually being from China.  So we played a few games together before she went back to Savannah. 
Then I joined 5 other people to play dominoes.  The game was called Chicken Foot, which was ironic after eating chicken feet this weekend.

St John the Baptist Cathedral

Lafayette Square

Forsyth park

Amy and Mary as tourists

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