Wednesday, August 5, 2015

July 29- August 4, 2015 MN week

Wednesday July 29
We left Aberdeen before 6:00 am.  We picked up another couple in Webster, SD.  Larry and Roxy drove from DeSmet, SD this morning to meet us. 
We arrived about 11:30 for the 12:00 game and met up with Dave before buying tickets.  We ended up in the same section, but we were further up in the shade.  Besides Dave’s mom, his brother Dean joined us.  It was fun to see the game live in their new outdoor stadium, even though the Twins lost.
After the game, we went to dinner with the Roths at the Leaning Tower of Pizza near Dean’s home.  We were all ready for bed after the drive to LeSueur, MN.
Larry, Jim, Janice and Roxy
Dean, Alice, Dave and Mary

Thursday July 30
Just a lazy day in LeSueur.

Friday July 31
Happy 60th birthday Dave!!
We decided to drive to the lake home of my cousin, Vern and Ruth Schaefer.  It is near Monticello, MN about 90 miles north of LeSueur.  Vern and Ruth sold their home in Iowa and bought a condo there and this lake home to be near their grandchildren.  Dave calls grandchildren “magnets”  because they have this strong pull on you to be near them.

It was a nice relaxing day at the lake.  We had cake and ice cream for Dave’s birthday.  After a tour of their home and yard, we went for a ride on their pontoon around the lake.  The afternoon was gone before we knew it.  So we stayed for bratwursts on the grill.  We made it home by 10:00 and had a nice view of the blue moon on the way home. 

It was really nice that Dave was able to spend the day with his mom.  And we all enjoyed visiting with Vern and Ruth.  If you are reading this, Thanks!
Dave and Alice-birthday cake, ice cream and decorations
Alice, Mary and Dave the birthday boy
Alice and Dave relaxing by the lake
Ruth and Vern with their house in the background
Ruth, Vern and Mary by their garden

Saturday August 1
We spent another lazy day at Dave’s mom’s doing laundry and computer downloads.  Then we drove into Minneapolis to celebrate my brother Jerry’s birthday.  We went to the Black Forest restaurant with Jerry and Barb and Dean met us there.  We used to go here a lot when I was in dental school.  We happen to see friends there, Jim and Julie Clausen, their kids, Jim’s mother and their niece, Melanie, Joe Clausen’s daughter.  Nice surprise. 
Dave and Jerry the birthday boys

Happy Birthday Jerry!

Sunday August 2
We took Jerry and Barb out for breakfast at Maria’s, a Columbian restaurant.  Great meal and even had leftovers.  Then we drove around downtown Mpls to see the progress on the new Viking’s stadium.  We went to the Guthrie theater to look at the stadium from the 9th floor.  Then we enjoyed the view over the Mississippi River on the other side of the theater complex. 
That evening, Jerry cooked ribs for us.  Great recipe with root beer in the bbq sauce.  Barb and I played a few hands of cribbage while Jerry was cooking.  Then Jerry and I played a few hands.  I am getting my cribbage fix while I am here.

Monday August 3
We spent the day with Dave’s niece, Dena and her kids in the cities.  We spent part of the day at their home in Bloomington.  Their cat has 4 kittens.  I forgot how fun they can be.  Then we spent some time at 3rd Lair skate park.  11 year old Malachi is into skate boarding and qualified to compete at the MN state fair.  We really enjoyed watching him.  Then Dena, Julianna, Dave and I made a break to have “fro yo”, frozen yogurt.  Mateo was at his Grandmother's, so we will see him later this week.  It was really a nice day of visiting and silliness. 
Dave teaching Malachi about emergency openings inside trunks-which failed
Malachi showing us his tricks
Julianna and Dena

Tuesday August 4
Dave had a dental appointment in Mpls with a class mate of mine, Peter Hinke.  He is following up on the implant that was placed in SD last month.  We will return here in November for him to restore it.  We also got to see his dental partner and spouse, Kordie Reinhold, another classmate.  Peter reminded me that the dentist that has been in the news lately that killed the lion in Zimbabwe was a classmate of ours. 

We made it back to LeSueur to have dinner with Alice’s apartment complex.  It was National Night Out, so they had a BBQ picnic right outside of her apartment at their community room and picnic area.  It was nice to visit with her neighbors and put some faces to the names of the people she talks about. 

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