Wednesday, July 15, 2015

June 30-July 6, 2015 Marina life

Tuesday, June 30
I spent the morning and early afternoon on the computer setting up our flights and making arrangements for our time in SD/MN.  Dave decided to find a different diesel mechanic since he hadn’t heard back from the first one.

This afternoon, he had an eye appointment to follow up on his cataract surgery that was done here in February.  I decided to go along just to get out of the boat.  They dilated his eyes, so it was good I went along.  Afterwards, we went out for chicken wings.  Having a rental car will be the death of us.  Either by a car accident or by over eating. 

Wednesday, July 1
I used the rental car to go to the grocery store and Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Another boater had an outdoor mat made from flip flops, so I picked one up for us.  Very colorful, and a little spongy, so more comfortable than the piece of “dry deck” that we had outside our door.  We always take off our shoes before going below.  You don’t want to track things into the boat from your shoes that may end up clogging the bilge drain.  The only problem is the metal that holds it together.  The exposed ends will rust.  So we may cover them with nail polish or something.

We went to the Wednesday happy hour.  Always meet someone new and get to hear their stories.  This time it was a couple that had spent a couple years in the South Pacific.  Everyone makes it sound so wonderful.  And they survived a 30 day passage with only the two of them.  Gives us something to think about.

About 8 of us ended up going downtown to a pizza place for dinner.  Fun group.

Thursday, July 2
I decided to make one more run to the grocery store, then returned the rental car. 

Dave let our friend, Ricardo, try out our “hookah system” where you can “dive” within 100 feet of our boat.  He checked our zincs for us.  They looked pretty good.  So we think it may have been a loose wire in our old air conditioner that was causing the electrolysis. 

I was surprised he would go in the water in this marina.  But he said it was much better than the water in Brazil.  And Dave said he hosed him off with fresh water every time he came to the surface.  Not sure if that was something Ricardo wanted or if Dave was just bugging him. 

This evening, I went downtown with some other boaters to the Ritz Theater.  They were showing the movie “Yankee Doodle Dandy” with James Cagney about George M. Cohan.  I had never seen it.  It is nice to have other boaters to do things with. 

Friday July 3
Laundry and computer day for me.  Dave worked on cleaning the deck and our air intake covers on the stern.

Saturday, July 4
Happy 4th of July
Dave spent the morning cleaning the deck and mounting the dinghy on the deck. 
I made brownies for our marina party today.

At 2:00 the marina furnished brats, burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, pasta salad, beer and wine.  Everyone else brought salads and desserts.  It’s always a fun party and we get to meet more people.
After eating, about 3 people pulled out guitars and had a little jam session. 
Then by evening, we all went to our docks to watch the city fireworks display that was across the river from our marina.  A lot of people park in the marina area to watch the fireworks.  So the dock master asked us to keep them off of the docks. 
It was really beautiful to see the fireworks with a reflection in the water.  Fun day!

Sunday, July 5
I rode a marina bike to to church this morning.  On the way back to the marina, I saw another boater walking home.  So I walked with her and visited along the way.   Boaters are so friendly.
Wasted away a good Sunday with a nap and a nice dinner.

Monday, July 6
Happy 41st Anniversary to Janice and Jim, my sister and brother-in-law!
This morning was our first cruiser’s net on the VHF radio.  Liz, another cruiser, was the net controller today.  But I am going to do it on Wednesday for the first time.  We announce things going on in the marina or the community.  We ask if anyone has something to buy, sell, or trade.  Then we see if someone needs a service or if someone has a service to offer.  It  is a nice way to help each other out.

I went to the marina happy hour today to find out what people thought of the net and to remind others to listen in.  Met more interesting people.  Then we sat out on the dock with Ricardo and a few others that stopped by just visiting. 

sunset from our bow

Ricardo and Dave on the dock

July 4th bling

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