Friday, June 5, 2015

May 21 and May 27-28, 2015

I just noticed that these two posts were in my drafts.  I was able to post the one for May 27-28, but somehow, the May 21 post was deleted.  Here's what I remember of that day.

We were anchored north of Marsh Harbor, but motored into the harbor to take our son to the airport.  He spent the morning packing.  Then we all went to Snappa's, a restaurant on the shore, for a late lunch/early dinner before he had to leave for Nassau.

When we arrived at Snappa's, there were about 5 young women sitting outside on the dock hanging their legs over the side.  Dave quickly named them the "dinghy girls".  After we tied up and ordered our meals, we went outside for a photo of the three of us.  We asked them to take the photo.  Then we started a conversation about how they had never been in a dinghy.  So Dave took a couple of them around the harbor and by our boat.  They were form Colorado and had rented a home for the week.

Rinssor the taxi man picked up Pete to take him to the airport.  We really enjoyed having him on the boat with us.  It is nice to see him relax.  It reminds me of a Zac Brown song "all your worries, you can drop them in the deep ocean. But you gotta get away to where the boat leaves from."

Dave, Mary, Peter

Dave and the dinghy girls

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